Param Patel is a very enthusiastic young man who brings all he has to whatever environment it may be. From giving all he has on the baseball field to his learning nature in the classroom, Param makes sure he puts all of his effort in all his responsibilities. This past year he went on the achieve a first place award in the Armstrong Math Competition in Savannah, Georgia and maintaining Honor Roll throughout his whole time in Middle School. He also performed and played baseball in many different tournaments with his Chain teammates every other weekend and had a lot of success playing baseball, but more importantly he loved hanging out with his teammates. Param’s success in what he does can only be topped by the fact that he stays humble about his achievements and strives to be constantly happy and friendly at all times. This has earned him the respect of many of his peers and the winner of the Jelks Award at Savannah Country Day School for being esteemed by his friends and teachers throughout his time in Middle School.

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