• One-on-One or Two-on-One Training with a qualified Chain instructor.  The lessons are designed around 30years of experience plus collegiate and professional techniques.  The lessons will be customized based on the players current ability and skill.
  • Chain Velocity Training & Arm Health Program is a proprietary program designed and developed by professional and collegiate baseball players. The Chain Velocity Training program combines years of research, training and experiences drawn from their collective playing and training under top industry programs. It is proven that the Chain Velocity Training program increases velocity and promotes arm health not only in pitchers but for all position players. This is a dynamic anterior and posterior program that focuses on the overall balance and health of the arm thus improving the player’s velocity, conditioning and recovery. The Chain Velocity Training program addresses and improves the player’s deliverability, balance, flexibility, strength and body mechanics (DBfSM). Player progress will be tracked and evaluated throughout the Chain Velocity Training program.

Choose your training location from one of our many Southeastern locations when signing up.  Call 912-352-8466 or email info@chainbaseball.com  Click the link below to signup.