ChainVelocity: Arm Health Program

ChainVelo Arm Health Program is a proprietary program designed and developed by professional and collegiate baseball players. The ChainVelo program combines years of research, training and experiences drawn from their collective playing and training under top industry programs. It is proven that the ChainVelo program increases velocity and promotes arm health not only in pitchers but for all position players. This is a dynamic anterior and posterior program that focuses on the overall balance and health of the arm thus improving the players velocity, conditioning and recovery. Read More »

Chain Showcase and Pro-Style Workout

Time to Build Your Pro-Style Profile! Chain has built a reputation over the last 30 years for Developing and Showcasing the Regions Top Baseball Talent. Our goal with this Youth Showcase is to begin building Player Profiles while giving them insight to what Showcases and Pro-Style workouts are all about as they grow and develop. Ultimately a more… Read More »

2014 “Hit Club” Winter League

Any Players from Any Teams can enter! Hit Club is a Winter League of 3 player teams that takes a creative approach centered around a point system designed to improve baseball players IQ, approach, and swing. All instruction and games will be lead by a qualified (former Collegiate or Professional Player) Chain Academy Instructor. Each player and team… Read More »