Back to School Hair Cut

This is no ordinary back to school haircut. Kellen Blankenship has been growing his hair out for 2 years for this moment – to chop it all off in order to help a child who has lost his/her hair in the fight against cancer. Mike Cihla of... Read More »

Param Patel Wins Jelks Award

Param Patel is a very enthusiastic young man who brings all he has to whatever environment it may be. From giving all he has on the baseball field to his learning nature in the classroom, Param makes sure he puts all of his effort in all his responsibilities. This past year he went on the achieve a first… Read More »

Cameron Godbee Scholar Athlete

Congratulations to Cameron Godbee on making the 7th grade Honor Roll at school. Not only is Cameron a multi-sport athlete but also a model student and  great role model for his younger brother and sister.

Colby O’Brien Scholar Athlete

Congratulations to Colby O’Brien for winning the Coaches award and the scholar Athlete Award for the 7th grade at Savannah Christian. Colby is a model student and multi-sport athlete.